Ditto Fieldstation
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The portable, powerful Ditto Forensic FieldStation can be used locally or globally via the internet to acquire data from network shares and hard drives. Cloning or imaging that data to your choice of hard drive or network share, complete with customizable XML logs helps you maintain your chain of custody while using forensic (write-blocked) methods. Its browser-based configuration, administration, and operation make cross-platform data preview, triage, and logical imaging efficient, easy-to-use tasks.

The Ditto FieldStation is a true network-enabled investigation and eDiscovery tool for law enforcement and military agencies, as well as for corporate usage in HR, fraud, criminal, and security investigations. The energy-efficient Ditto will operate for hours on battery power and its rugged all-aluminum, fan-free construction combines with lights-out mode for unobtrusive acquisition.


  • Flexibility and speed via browser-based interface
  • Create logical and physical images in the field
  • Suspect Inputs (write-blocked)
  • Destination Outputs
  • Data Acquisition Modes
  • Complete and Secure Erasure
  • Water-resistant, dust-proof Pelican® custom carrying case available