DVR Examiner - Licensing

Annual Subscription
Annual Subscription
Unlimited DVRs
Access, Support and Updates for one year
Discounts on Technical Services Requests
3 Year Subscription
Unlimited DVRs
Access, Support and Updates for three years
Free DVR Implementation
Discounted renewal price after 3 years


  • Dongle Based License

  • Free Shipping in the United States

  • Receive instant access via temporary license key

  • Retain access to previously saved cases, even after your subscription expires

  • 12 or more updates per year with additional DVR support

  • Law Enforcement, Government and Volume Discounts Available, contact us for a quote

DVR Examiner Bundles!

Interested in DVR Examiner User Cert Training? Need a forensic write-blocker?
Receive additional discounts when purchasing a DVR Examiner bundle!

Per Case License
Per Case License
Works on a single HDD and/or Forensic Image
Support for 30 days
Unlimited Updates
Upgrade to the annual plan within 90 days and get a credit!

Key Points

  • License Key linked to a specific data set

  • Use either a hard drive or a forensic image of that drive

  • Unlimited access to future updates for that data set

Want to upgrade from a case license to an annual subscription?

Upgrade within 90 days of purchase and we will credit the cost toward your new annual or three-year license!

“DVR Examiner is a real time saver, easy to use, and they are always pushing out new updates.”
Rocky Mountain Information Network (RMIN)
Frequently Asked Questions

Can I renew my subscription after it has expired?

To maintain your subscription rate, we must receive a P.O. within 30 days after your subscription has expired. If more than 30 days have passed, we will renew your existing dongle at the then current price.

What is the Annual Maintenance Fee?

Since DVR Examiner is a subscription based product, there is not an additional annual maintenance fee. To continue to use DVR Examiner and receive support and updates, simply renew your subscription at your annual subscription rate each year.

Why is DVR Examiner a subscription based product?

In order to keep the up-front price of the software lower and to support our aggressive update schedule, we chose to price DVR Examiner as an annual subscription. Each update adds additional support for new and legacy DVRs, bringing more value to the application every time you update.

If you are in a situation where you are unable to pay an annual amount, we do offer the 3-year subscription, which allows you to pay for 3-years upfront. This option is very popular among agencies purchasing DVR Examiner with grant money.

Are there any discounts available?

DME Forensics currently offers a discount for Government/Law Enforcement and Educational users.

Additionally we offer quantity and bundle discounts when you purchase DVR Examiner along with training or hardware products.