Laboratory Consulting

What is Laboratory Consulting?

Whether you are starting a brand new laboratory, are a large lab moving towards accreditation, or a small lab looking to improve your processes, sometimes you just need some help. Our team has experience working in Local, State, Federal and Private laboratories and we can help you at any step of the process of developing a world-class Digital and Multimedia Evidence forensic laboratory.

How can it help you?

If you are working towards accreditation, or just want to follow the ISO 17025 standards, navigating the requirements and understanding how they impact your lab can be very confusing. What procedures require written standard operating procedures (SOP)? How do I validate the computer systems and software I’m using? What type of reports and documents are needed and how long do we have to keep them? What needs to be in the quality assurance manual (QAM)? What is the difference between competency and proficiency and does everyone need this? This is just a small example of the issues which can arise developing an ISO 17025 compliant laboratory.

Our consultants have not only years of experience working in ISO 17025 accredited laboratories, but have actually developed all the necessary documentation and procedures from the ground up to become accredited. Our consultants are certified ASCLD/LAB assessors/technical advisors and have participated in numerous pre-inspection assessments and audits.

How Can We Help Your Lab?
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