Expert Witness Services

What is an expert witness?

An expert witness is someone who possesses specialized knowledge and experience in a subject matter and is called to testify in a court of law.

An expert witness is first and foremost a teacher. The expert witness must take complicated scientific principles and results and distill this information into a form that everyone in the courtroom can understand. This must also be done in an unbiased manner to maintain the scientific integrity of the results: “the data is what the data is”.

How can an expert witness help you?

The ultimate end of many forensic examinations is the courtroom. Having someone who is competent, experienced, and can explain complicated concepts and conclusions in a way a jury will understand the material is imperative.

Even before an expert witness steps foot in the courtroom, they can be an invaluable resource to you! Understanding complex scientific/technical issues related to your case is critical for you being able to put forth the best arguments. Having a competent forensic expert review your case material with you prior to court can reveal strengths and weaknesses that may need to be addressed. Using our practical experience, as well as our background in training, we can help you and your team better understand the complexities of digital and multimedia evidence.

We can review case documentation, reports, and conclusions by opposing experts in order to help you understand the potential impact to your case. This will allow you to structure your arguments accordingly to ensure the jury/court receives the correct and accurate information.

How can DME Forensics Help You?

All DME Forensics Examiners have developed and actively teach forensic courses of instructions. This means you’re not only getting an expert who is competent in their forensic discipline, but also has the ability and has demonstrated they can convey key scientific concepts to any audience.

DME Forensics can serve as your forensic Digital and Multimedia Evidence expert witness in any number of situations involving civil or criminal matters and can offer guidance and assistance in these matters. You can learn more about some of our areas of expertise below.

CCTV DVR Systems
Video and Image Forensics
Laboratory Process and Procedure
Audio Forensics

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