Why DME Forensics?

ISO 17025 Standards

All of our laboratory examinations are conducted to the ISO 17025 Standards. Our examiners participate in ASCLD/LAB accreditations and know what does and does not work in a digital evdidence laboratory. Our standards ensure that your results meet the highest standards available.

All cases submitted to DME Forensics are handled and processed according to our written standard operating procedures (SOP). This means there is a prescribed method and process to ensure accurate and defendable results are obtained.

Certifications & Competency

The Forensic Examiner is the senior scientist responsible for processing and supervising of the analysis of digital and multimedia evidence submitted to the laboratory. The Examiner is responsible for all phases of the analysis from receipt of evidence, examination, quality control and issuing the final report. It is imperative the Examiner has the proper skills, training and experience in order to process complex cases and render opinions which will be ultimately accepted by a court of law.

Public & Private Experience

The team at DME Forensics has experience of working in both law enforcement, and corporate laboratories. The knowledge obtained while being a police officer allows our examiners to understand and interpret the information presented such as officer use of force, standard police tactics and operating procedures. While at the same time, having worked for one of the largest corporations in America, we have experience dealing with corporate and civil matters. By combining all of this experience, our team can provide expertise in any criminal or civil court of law.

Our Services
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Laboratory Consulting
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