DME Forensics is an innovative technology and services company focused on providing software, training and digital & multimedia evidence analysis to the criminal justice and civil litigation communities.

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How We Help

Our primary focus is to develop high tech solutions to common problems forensic examiners face. From the painstaking process of DVR Recovery to Make/Model determination, we develop technology solutions that can help save you time and effort as well as provide additional investigative information.

We offer many services to the civil and criminal justice communities. From forensic case work to serving as an expert witness to helping you start a new digital evidence laboratory we can work with you and your agency to accomplish a wide range of objectives.

Having well trained examiners and staff is a necessity for any forensic laboratory. As experts in the field, we can train you and your team on the latest methods and techniques in advanced forensic analysis areas.

Who We Help

The needs and capabilities of law enforcement are constantly evolving and you need solutions that can keep pace.
Our team is uniquely positioned to help you or your agency meet the demands of an ever changing law enforcement environment.

Whether it is civil or criminal, prosecution or defense, our team will help you identify, recover, analyze, and present the evidence for your unique case. Whether we conduct the examination or not, our experts can help you understand the evidence and provide expert guidance and testimony.

In the private sector, you receive all sorts of requests from your clients. Our team can help you meet the unique needs of your clients, whether it is customized training or specialized recovery of evidence, our team of experts can help you expand your capabilities.